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Yoga Sport Weekend Camp / Yoga Sport Week Camp

The goal of yoga sport weekend camp and week camp is to introduce to studio owners, kids' sport clubs and federation leaders yoga sport classes and yoga skill classes and encourage them to add those to their schedules, spreading the word about Yoga Sports and gain a higher public profile for yoga sport competitions. weekend camp is ideal for the regular practitioners, where week camp is for athletes preparing for competition.

Contact us and we will send an A - Level coach to your school, studio, kids' sport club or your national yoga sport federation.

Yoga Sport Weekend Camp consists of three 90-minute yoga sport classes (Friday night opening class, Saturday and Sunday morning warm up classes), and four 60-minute yoga skill classes (body opening exercises and posture development drills) on spine and hips on Saturday and lifts and inversions on Sunday.

Yoga Sport Week Camp consists of seven 90-minute yoga sport classes (ex: Friday night opening class and Saturday-Thursday morning warm up classes). Four days of three 60 min-minute yoga skill classes (body opening exercises and posture development drills) on spine, hips, lifts and inversions — one skill per day. And two days of 3-hours sessions on creating competition routines. This program can be also adjusted according to the needs of the local studio/school.

You can learn more about upcoming weekend camps here.

IYSF Academy will train your teachers to teach IYSF beginners’ classes (beginners level) and new yoga sport classes & yoga skill classes (intermediate and advanced level). Your studio will become an ambassador of yoga sports.

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