Yoga Skill Class

All rulebook postures are divided for the consistent coaching aspect and understanding into the skill groups of spine, hips, lifts and inversions. Those are divided according to the specific posture mobility themes into the separate 60 min skill classes.

Each skill class starts with a warm up in the centre or by the movement in the lines for each posture, posture practice in the centre (according to the PG recommended execution including all levels variations specific to the postures as proposed in our opening exercises and drills videos), short recuperative exercise (from anatomy session or recuperative Drills) and two-minute savasana at the end.

It's up to the coach / teacher to organise each class according to the students level, needs and requirements and follow the progression of the exercises in the correct difficulty order as mentioned in the coaching manual.

There are four types of body conditioning classes. Every day focusing on a different specific skill.

Each day 1-3 postures of the same skill group and the same mobility Theme should be addressed. Ex.:

  • Yoga Sport Skill – Spine (Monday)
  • Yoga Sport Skill – Hips (Tuesday)
  • Yoga Sport Skill – Lifts (Wednesday)
  • Yoga Sport Skill – Inversions (Thursday)
  • Coaching of Routines for the Competition - Friday

Every week the schedule should shift by one day, so that the youth attending once a week (always the same day) can train all the skills. Friday skill class should be reserved for competition routine coaching.

Skill classes should be added on the schedules of the studios in the afternoon hours when kids are out of school, spread globally, various studios becoming ambassadors of yoga sport. IYSF or national federation A-level coaches (IYSF certified) coaches train the teachers.

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