Tereza Bonnet-Šenková

IYSF Head of Technical Committee

Tereza is a former contemporary dancer who performed at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. She has a Bachelor's degree in pedagogy and methodology of movement and dance from Academy Of Performing Arts in Prague. After numerous hip surgeries on broken cartilage, she ended up having her hip replaced. In 2005, she became a certified Bikram Yoga teacher, taught in Paris, then chose to bring Bikram Yoga to Prague, Czech Republic, where she currently owns two successful Bikram Yoga schools.

Tereza has organized many national and European championships. She is the Head of the technical committee of IYSF and leads the work on the posture guidelines. Currently Tereza focuses on the work on the educational structure (academy) of IYSF for teachers, coaches, judges and athletes. Her main goal is to help spread awareness of yoga as a sport by adding intermediate classes (yoga sport classes) and advanced methodical coaching (yoga skill classes) to the schedule of hot yoga schools which already have strong beginners’ classes.

By doing that we maintain the same culture and yoga tradition within our studios and bring in young people. We draw the attention of kids towards yoga sport competition, because skill classes are fun, and we also offer the other sport clubs kids ideal therapeutic compensation for their sport routines.

IYSF Beginners’ Class Posture Technique Content

During the first four weeks of our teachers instructions clinics trainees will practice delivering previously memorised Instructions and applying the feedback on energy, connection, voice management, body language and more.

In order to be an efficient IYSF beginner’ class teacher, it is absolutely crucial to have an understanding of the beginners' postures and intentions of the actions bringing the students’ bodies into correct alignment. By acquiring this important skill, teachers will improve their own practice and become more sensitive in proposing the individual corrections to their students once they are ready to move beyond the general instructions.

For this reason we prepared for you a video library with all the principles of the postures with the details and keys beyond the general instructions.

All this technique information will be addressed live in the online Posture Technique sessions run by Tereza Bonnet-Šenková during our second week of  teacher training.

Each posture will be addressed with general instructions first. Then the intention of the spine movement of each posture will be mentioned. Each posture will be divided into a set up, holding still part and exit. We will refer to muscle actions versus joints alignment. In each posture we will address the general modifications that can be proposed to the students in the case of injuries and pain management. All posture technique sessions will be done in a very interactive way.

We will start with general principles and actions used in the whole class and general movement of the spine. Then the postures will be divided into the groups according to the spine movement. Questions and answer parts will be included at the end of each session.

All the Content of the posture technique week is divided into five parts:

  • Day 1 - General principles
  • Day 2 - Tractions
  • Day 3 - Tractions and twists
  • Day 4 - Backbends
  • Day 5 - Forward compressions

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