Lynn Whitlow

Head Judge

Lynn has been teaching for over thirty years and has built up her skills and reputation to be considered a master teacher and leader in the hot yoga/fitness community.  She has studied with some of the top yoga masters to deepen her knowledge and expertise, immersing herself in the culture and traditions that she continues to pass on to others.
She has owned 8 hot yoga/fitness studios throughout Northern California. She taught and prepared students in the teacher trainings that were held at the Bikram Yoga Headquarters in Los Angeles and had been asked to be a part of several hot yoga trainings in the US.
Lynn has traveled the world teaching workshops and master classes and has mentored and trained 1000’s of teachers.

Teachers’ Feedback and Studio Business

Lynn Whitlow’ s role as a lecturer in our Teacher Training is to make a smooth transition in between the on-site training curriculum and trainees return to their home studios, where they will start their work with their mentors. Lynn is going to lecture for the first 5 days of the Home studio curriculum.

Her lectures will be split in two parts. First will be theory, where she will introduce in depth 9 aspects of the teachers’ skills (see below) and second is interactive application of the new tools that studio owners will be then using during the first mock classes with their trainees.

Lynn will help the mentor(s)/studio owner(s) integrate those tools into the mock classes. She will explain why the common culture within one studio is so important and how this all can have a major impact on the studio business success. Lynn will teach the studio owners how to give constructive and consistent feedback to all their teachers, new and experienced ones, in order to improve the quality of the teaching but mainly in order to establish a healthy relationship between the teachers and studio owners and a safe environment for the clients in the studio.

Teachers’ Skills that are going to be addressed by Lynn during the 5-day lecture:

  1. Communication
  2. Energy
  3. Body language
  4. Dialog
  5. Intonation
  6. Connection
  7. Integration of corrections
  8. Timing
  9. Understanding of postures, benefits
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