Kim Tang

IYSF Head Coach

Kim Tang has worn the hats of yoga student, yoga teacher, studio owner, presenter, demonstrator, five-time California State Champion, and six-time nationally-ranked competitor.  She has comprehensively coached dozens of competitors on all levels on regional, national and international stages. Her precise and individualized method of coaching involves attainment / solidification of posture, performance execution, and fluid and seamless choreography. She has served as judge for USA Yoga and IYSF, further assisting in judging and coaching clinics in service to these organizations. She has mentored and taught at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, and demonstrated the advanced series, alongside Bikram Choudhury, senior teacher Emmy Cleaves, and International Yoga Champions, during seven teacher training programs, each with an audience of more than 400 people. Her personal practice has evolved beyond both the 26 posture Beginners’ series, and the 84 posture advanced series, expanding to hundreds of postures from multiple lineages. She says, “I believe that Yoga Sport is an extraordinary platform, inviting participants to discover and develop their highest self, invoking their highest good, their highest ability to serve, their highest life experience!”

Yoga Sport

Yoga is one of the six philosophical systems of Hinduism, and Asana is one of the traditional eight limbs of Yoga. While there is still so much controversy surrounding the concept of yoga asana as sport, the IYSF points out that sport, and the practice of yoga asana, both aim to improve and maintain physical skill, self-control, and general wellbeing.

Yoga Sport, founded on the ancient values of traditional Indian Yoga, is focused on asanas/postures, which discipline the external physical body, to achieve mental awareness and emotional peace within.

The IYSF believes Yoga Sport demonstrates the incredible capabilities of the human body, bringing a sense of personal achievement and benefit to the participant, and joy and inspiration to the observer.

The IYSF is currently working on meeting the criteria for inclusion in the GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federation) which is the first step to becoming an Olympic Sport. One such criteria has been to develop the IYSF’s educational program for yoga teachers, coaches, judges, and athletes.

Our IYSF Head Coach, Kim Tang will guide the Beginners’ Class teacher trainees through the Yoga Sport Drills which are designed to bring a beginners’ asana practice to the next level.

Her role in our teacher training is to build a bridge between the beginners’ level and the advanced level postures. By experiencing the Yoga Sport Drills, the trainees will understand that a deeper version of the beginners’ practice is accessible to all, if the alignment of their beginners’ postures is correct. Kim will address all the below mentioned groups of the spine movement.

5 daily modules:

  1. Traction
  2. Backbends
  3. Forward Compression
  4. Torsion
  5. Lift & Inversions (combining all previous spinal movements with new skills)

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