Hana Persson

A-Level Coach

Hana started practicing yoga at a gym many years ago. In 2014 she spent a month with Saraswati, at the K. Phattabi Jois Institute in Mysore and completed a 200h teacher training in hatha yoga.

In that same year she discovered the 90-minute Beginners’ class, and in 2015 she did Bikram's teacher training in Khao Lak. She has been daily practicing this class ever since and has taught all over the world.

Hanna did her first yoga competition in 2015 and was the Swedish and Nordic champion in 2018, 2019 and 2020. She also placed 4th in the 2020 IYSF Virtual Yoga Asana Championship.

Together with her husband Erik Persson, she has been coaching Swedish yoga athletes since 2018.Hanna has a bachelor’s degree in both Anatomy and Psychology and presented the Anatomy content for IYSF A-level coaching Training (April-September 2021).

Anatomy Posture Principles

We would like to introduce you to IYSF Beginners' Class: Anatomy Posture Principles with Hanna Persson, from Sweden.

During the upcoming IYSF Beginners’ Class teacher training, Hanna will be presenting a 5-day lecture series on Anatomy Posture Principles, to help the teacher trainees better understand the therapeutic benefits of the Beginners’ Class postures.

She will group the postures, according to body movements (Tractions, Backbends, Forward Compressions and Twists), and explain the positive impact they may have upon our body’s organ systems.

  1. Respiratory system (body movement)
  2. Tractions
    • Hands to feet
    • all three parts of Awkward
    • Eagle
    • Balancing stick
    • Separate legs stretching
    • Tree
    • Toe-stand
    • Wind removing
    • Half tortoise
    • Stretching
  3. Backbends
    • HM back-bend
    • Cobra
    • Locust
    • Full locust
    • Bow
    • Fixed firm
    • Camel
  4. Forward Compressions
    • SHTK
    • Standing separate forehead to knee
    • Rabbit
    • Head to knee(on the floor)
    • Sit up
  5. Torsions / Twists
    • Standing bow pulling
    • Triangle
    • Half spine twist
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