Christian Scaraglino

A-Level Judge

Christian’s first hot yoga class began in the Theater District of New York in 2002. After experiencing the benefits of hot yoga. In November of 2002 he completed the 500 hour teacher training for the beginner series in Los Angeles and has been teaching since. In 2006 and 2007, he competed in three International Yoga Sports Championships and then began judging competitions in 2008. He is currently an A-level Certified Judge at IYSF. In 2019 Christian organized the first Nordic Yoga Sports Championship in Malmö, Sweden and is the founding member of the Swedish Yoga Sports Federation.

Christian Scaraglino dove further in the Ghosh Yoga Lineage while taking the Yoga Therapy training at the Ghosh College of Physical Education in Calcutta, India (2016), where the beginner series saw its origins. Since then, he continued his yogic learning and teaching journey and had the chance to learn from the yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra of New York completing the 200, 500 and 800 hour teacher trainings with him. He is currently a Yoga Alliance 500 hour E-YRT certified teacher and has more than 6500 hours of teaching experience. Currently he is working toward completing a 500 Yoga Philosophy training.

IYSF Beginners' Class: History and Lineage

According to the Yogi Times, Yoga is practiced by about 300 million people in the world. In some countries, like in Japan, there is a growth of 413% in the last 5 years alone! Modern postural yoga is going through a renaissance and the world wants more. But what about yoga’s past? Yoga has a rich tapestry of history that has brought us to the mat and competition stage today.

Christian Scaraglino will introduce you to our Beginners’ Class Teacher Training History and Lineage content.. He dove further in the Ghosh Yoga Lineage while obtaining aYoga Therapy Certificate from the Ghosh College of Physical Education in Calcutta, India (2016), where the beginner series saw its origins. He will go through the history from the earliest forms of yoga in the Vedic period, through to the Classical Yoga Period and dive deep into the Bhagavad Gītā and the Yogasūtras of Patañjali. This will bring us to explore the history of Haṭha Yoga and the development of Modern Postural Yoga.

In the last module Christian will highlight the Ghosh Lineage, where we will learn about some of the other Calcutta Yogis. Through the beginner series, this lineage has been an essential player in bringing hot yoga to world and yoga competitions, which culminates with Rajashree and the foundation of IYSF, promoting the development of Yoga Āsana as a Sport.

Lecture modules:

  • Module 1 : The Vedic and Vedantic past & intro to Bhagavad Gitā.
  • Module 2 : The Bhagavad Gītā — Continued
  • Module 3 : Classical Yoga — the Yogasūtras of Patañjali
  • Module 4 : Tantric and Haṭha Yogis, Premodern Yoga and Āsanas
  • Module 5 : The Story of the Gosh Lineage

Each session will be conducted with a keynote presentation to help us explore yoga’s rich history.

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